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Tailor Your Resume to a Job Description

How to Tailor Your Resume to a Job Description

Here’s a scenario for you: Janet has been looking for a job. She reads a job offer that sounds nice and sends her updated resume straight away. Nothing wrong with that right? Wrong. Janet is making a mistake that could be causing her to lose her shot at getting called […]

5 free tools to create infographics

Top 5 free tools for creating infographics

Infographics are on the rise; the brain processes information a lot faster when images are involved, which is why when a complex statistic is explained, it is often accompanied by some form of an infographic. Infographics allow the reader to break down the information while enjoying a satisfying visual; it’s […]

full time job with freelance work

How to start freelancing while working full-time

  Whether it’s about making some extra money or launching your own business, you’ll need a smart way to combine working full-time and freelancing. This is especially important if you plan to build your own business – freelancing on the side, you’ll get your first clients and learn about the […]

Logo Design Inspiration 2016

Best 20 Ideas: Logo Design Inspiration for 2016

Inspiration is the soul to your everyday creativity and a logo designer should always seek to revive and freshen their minds and ideas to innovate and create logo designs. This year 2016 also brings up a stream of logo designs with it and get ready to supply your passion with the heaven of […]

Top Web PSD Templates 2016

10 Best PSD Website Templates 2016

The most challenging problem for designers is to create an exceptional website psd template that resonates with the client’s demands, the current trend and the quality of the output design. The straightforward solution to this problem is Many of us have put 1000s of hours designing a psd template that worth nothing […]

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