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20 Best Flyer Templates and Designs for Designers

After the advancement of mass media and innovation in the tactics to market a good or a product, marketing techniques are also revolutionized promoting a good or a service efficiently more than ever but whats new with the flyer media of communication? Flyers aka “Leaflets”


Weekly 5 Graphic Design Freebies #1

Hey graphic lovers, I have introduced a new thing called as ‘Weekly freebie issues’ for all of my friends who loves HowFreelance. I thought it would be better to engage you in my blog and learn from designer experts who released their work as a


Best 30+ Calligraphy, Tattoo, Wedding and Chinese fonts

Numerous designers and graphic lovers are searching for some valuable fonts which are usable in their daily work or professional project. Few people worked on this area and I thought, there should be some listing of Top 5 Calligraphy, Tattoo, Wedding and Chinese fonts so that