Best Sidebar Layout Design Inspiration for Designers


A sidebar layout design inspiration is very important when you have a project in hand and the client needs something professional, outstanding, trendy or any other expectation. This expectation depends upon clients to clients and so a designer needs a frequent inspiration for every single website design for a client.

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Navigation Menu Inspiration – Web Design 2.0



We all are in a world where people loves the beauty and essence of every thing they see. From animals and plants to humans and from land to sky everything has its own essence and love which they spread. Some people understands its and some ignore them. The beauty of the real world is some what generated from the creative digital world where thousands of software specializes in designing the graphics for everything we see. A website is just following the same methodology of creativity and has an essence which some feels and some ignores it completely.

Websites has different parts which is designed for user interaction and apply best possible ways to help people stay on their sites day and night but it isn’t possible yet power of graphics can grab visitors for hours on a single website which is a dream of every website owner/author.

Website contains 3 main parts i.e The header, The body and The Footer. The header is the most vibrant and the first part of a website which plays the part of the first impression on a visitor. One of the key elements of the header besides logo is the navigation menu. By looking the header, a person or a visitor decides that whether the website is owned by an authority or a beginner.

I repeat, First impression is the Last impression so make it decent and attractive to engage in your visitor. To help you, I have complied some of the best navigation styles and trends for you to follow it at one place!


1. Glossy Rey – An awesome Navigation menu!

Glossy Rey

2. LBVD – A creative navigation menu!


3. Behance – The best multi-display navigation menu!


4. Nopoko Graphics

Nopoko Graphics

5. Sparkdesign – An iconic navigation menu!

Spark Design

6. Miss Julia Piep

Miss Julia Piep

7. Dataveyes – A high-tech navigation menu!


8. Cosmic Soda


9. Captain Dash – A flat symbolic navigation menu!

Captain Dash

10. Weyland Industries

Weyland Industries

11. Big Apple Hot Dogs – A mobile navigation menu!

Big Apple hot DOGS

12. Small Stone – A real-life navigation menu


 Small Stone navigation menu

13. What Happens Next Book – A crafty navigation menu!

What Happens Next Book

14. La Moulade

La Moulade

15. TNVacation – A classical themed navigation design!


 Tennessee Vacation   The State s Official Travel Planning Website

16. Team Geek – A web 2.0 navigation menu!

Team geek

17. Punkave – An typographic navigation menu!


18. Walk Talk Azore – An innovative navigation menu!

Walk Talk Azores

19. Clear Left – A coded-inspired navigation menu


 clear-left navigation menu

20. Hauska – A modern-day navigation menu!


Best Responsive HTML frameworks (HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript + PHP)



Every invention of this world aims to make life easier more than ever. It includes the invention in web designing and development field too. Those days are over when people use to design with hands and code with standalone notepad desktop application. The design and development field is developing with rapid pace day by day providing new easiness to work with graphics and codes. The most lively example of which is the emergence of Adobe software like Photoshop and Illustrator for designing purposes along with Dreamweaver and Coda for coding purposes. Life has changed and has bring new technology to advance in this fields.

Today, designers are now able to develop websites too altering the definitions of web designing. A person can develop websites with a little or basic knowledge of Html, CSS and jQuery and make money through freelancing. Coding is now more than easy nowadays when a term called as ‘HTML Frameworks’ were introduced. These html frameworks made the life easier for beginners and experts saving time and increasing work pace. These html frameworks are pre-written rules which helps saves time in writing Html, CSS, jQuery code and increasing customization and solving time lapse problem. There are 3 types of frameworks in design and development field. It includes html framework, CSS framework and jQuery Framework.

I have listed down the list of html frameworks available for html, CSS and jQuery to provide easiness while writing a code.


HTML Frameworks


1. Framework 7 html Framework

framework 7 html framework

Framework 7 is an open source html framework used for mobile responsive website, apps, web apps and much more. The html, css and javascript is well formatted and is well developed. It is mainly used for specialized designing and developing with mobile responsiveness and UI design.

Some of its features include:

  • Easiness at top notch
  • UI design components
  • Swipe back
  • Dynamic navbar support
  • Powerful animation
  • Pull to refresh support
  • Swipe and delete
  • Real-time messaging support
  • Multi-dimensional pager
  • Ultra-easy API library


2. Ionic html Framework

Ionic html framework

One of the best html framework around the web is Ionic ofcourse. Having a well developed sass and angularJS, Ionic is rocking with its suitable and easy front-end developing syntax. It has a well developed support for Angular JS and is equipped with simple yet powerful sass and JS libraries.

Some of its capabilities includes:

  • Speed optimized code
  • Pure robust html framework
  • Easy to understand
  • Awesome UI
  • App Specific + Web Deployed


3. Montage JS


Montage Studio presents a collaborative artwork merging latest technologies into a super duper front-end html framework named ‘MontageJS’. MontageJS is designed for single-page applications such as one-page responsive websites and dynamic user generated and user targeted web apps and web pages. The html framework is opensource alike mentioned above and can be viewed on github too.

MontageJS is equipped with:

  • Reusable components
  • High performance
  • Component oriented templates
  • Data binding technology
  • Light-weight code


 4. Blueprint

Blueprint html framework

Blueprint CSS framework is one of the latest and the most trending html framework among developers. An amazingly and time-saving CSS framework makes a pure and solid code for CSS having style grids, typography, print stylesheet and solid foundation of good code.

Blueprint offers:

  • Cool tools and templates
  • Plugins for buttons, tabs and sprites
  • print-ready style sheet
  • Awesome form styles
  • Complex-free grid structure
  • CSS reset technology


5. Bootstrap

Bootstrap html framework

There is no developer who isn’t aware of ‘Bootstrap’. Bootstrap is designed by Twitter fellows and is amazingly best designed for web projects and designing awesome responsive web apps and websites. Millions of websites is uing twitter bootstrap due to its code diversity, code vulnerability, tension-free code and UI support. It probably takes minutes to understand the pre-made syntax and classes of bootstrap.

Bootstrap provides:

  • SASS and LESS support
  • Ultra-responisve
  • HTML, CSS and JS love
  • Powerful grid architecture
  • Amazing UI support


6. Zend Framework

Zend html Framework

The most popular PHP framework is ‘Zend’. It is an unique opensource code framework designed for web apps including typical websites with PHP5.3 support. Having a smooth support from its popular partners including Google makes it reliable and awesome.

Zend supports:

  • Modular artifact
  • Secure coding
  • Adaptable and vulnerable use
  • Active support
  • High performance
  • Build for Big companies too


7. Lungo html Framework

Lungo html Framework

A must have powerful web app and mobile appshtml framework which not makes a developer’s life easier but a lot more easier. Awesomely pre-made html, css and JS makes it one of the greatest mobile app html framework. It has some great compatibility and optimization for a app to run and run fast indeed.

Lungo specializes in:

  • Responsiveness at its peak
  • Light weight and fast
  • Robust API handle
  • Amazing UX optimized for all devices


8. SproutCore html Framework

SproutCore html framework

The most powerful authority of JS is SproutCore’s Apple team. The best open-source html framework offering amazing user experience and built-in support for various web apps. It includes amazing support of JS library MVC and 3rd party libraries.

SproutCore provides:

  • HTML5 powered
  • Tension-free code
  • Speedy
  • Mobile App extra
  • Tension-free scaling
  • Awesome UI structure


9. Kube Web html Framework

Kube  html Framework

One of the best html framework after or should I say the best alternative of bootstrap is ‘Kube’. Having an awesome and flexible code structure of CSS and JS makes it remarkable.

Some of its features includes:

  • Well formatted CSS structure
  • Specialized typography structure
  • Awesome JS plugins


10. Foundation 5 Framework

Foundation 5 html framework

Last but not the least, Zurb has founded a fascinated html framework best working for dynamic and time-saving website development. To design ultra-tech responsive website or web app, Foundation 5 has laid its native foundation just like Bootstrap… i.e Handheld and Time-Saver code.

Foundation 5 is specialized for:

  • Powerful support team/forum
  • Faster code guarantee
  • Easy to learn and code
  • Innovative approach
  • Mobile first – Responsive


Love reading this? If you have any queries related to my content or overall blog then never hesitate to contact me. I will answer you asap. Consider reading these articles too! :

Website Header Design Inspiration for Your Website and Blog



Ready for some new inspiration?

Have you heard about: “1st Impression is the last impression” ? I bet you’ve heard about this. Website Header plays a similar role of reflecting the site’s overall impression. Headers are designed according to website needs for example, a business website needs a simple yet elegant and reflect professionalism. Designing websites needs something creative, eye-catching and something unique – outstanding.

Here, I have combined some best website header designs from all over the internet. Inspire yourself and design your one!


Website Header’s Love beginning… … …



1.  Header

The simplest website header I saw having a corporate look and a eye-catching view. It simply the best having 1 logo and a simple one line navigation!



2. Ronnie Schaaf

Ronnie Schaaf  header

It has a typical website header having a topbar navigation, carousel and a alarming button. I love the way Ronnie’s website header acts to a designer’s point of view.



3. GilGul

GilGul header

A great website header having a big picture, a logo and a bottom navigation with exceptional css styled links. This design truly depicts the idea behind this website.



4. Campbell Harrison

Campbellharisson  header

A flat and modern website header having 3 column menu template (nav-logo-nav). A great message with encouraging graphics. A best outlook of modern times.



5. Metaverse Mod Square

Metaversemodesquare  header

A modern day website header having a tilt design work layout. It has a great css work in the menu and a classical flat messsage with graphic with soothing bevel show colors.



6. Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo  header

A zoo website depicting the modernism in the header. A well formatted topbar menu and 2nd-level main menu.



7. Mospromstroy

Mospromstroy  header

A new and innovative approach makes this header exceptional containing menu on the left and a great picture with labeling makes it a real-time website header approach.



8. Zamat Media

Zamat Media  header

Zamat has a fascinating approach towards navigation – given a floating and airborne breaking stereotypes of classical menu approach. It is mobile responsive too.



9. Tineye

Tineye  header

Tineye has multiple things in its header. It contains a classical menu with engaging user interaction to upload image. This increase the ctr in header position and give a direct action plan for visitor.



10. Andrew Zellinger

andrew-zellinger website header

A totally modern day website header having minimalist colors and flat social icons.



11. Winshape

Winshape website header

This website header has a remarkable menu design and great use of fonts with user engaging material.



12. Epicbar

EpicBar website header

Epicbar website header has awesomeness in its menu having a great selection of font, color, positioning and great choice of contrast!



13. Usepeak

Usepeak website header

The website header is simple yet graphically user engaging and a brief of what we are and how much we are popular.



14. Punkave

Punkave website header

Punkave website header has something not right. I cannot figure out. Please help me out. Well, A modern day website header approach with nice font selection.



15. Ryvita

Ryvita website header

Ryvita brings a new food for thought in its food recipe website header. It contains an engaging menu and a best graphically designed banner.



16. Plug and play design

PLug and Play Design website header

A classical modern day website header having a top bar navigation with a graphic and direct action button. The best thing about this header is its bottom menu.



17. Make Your Money Matter

Make Your Money matter website header

This website header is one of the standalone pictorial website header having a direct action button. A flat design graphic makes it yummy!



18. Telecom’s Super Market

telecomssupermarket website header

Telecom’s website header is committed to a direct action plan. Providing a urgent signup on the header. The thing is, the signup box is using great font use and an aye-catching for visitors.



19. Sanctiond

Sanctiond website header

Sanctiond provides depicts ego and casual approach with its black and white background, Menu fonts and logo color.



20. Eight & Four

Eight and Four website header

A corporate website header having a new approach towards multiple stories. It tries to convey a beautiful message of who they are and what can they do. I am not impressed with the new approach of its menu.

What are your ideas about these website headers? Share your ideas in comment section! :)

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16 web design ebooks free download

16 web design ebooks free download pdf collection – Learn Web Design Tips From Experts



When it comes to knowledge, no one has the right to say that he knows everything. Even a PhD student needs material, inspiration and content for his/her research reports. Web Designing is one of the important aspects of freelancing and the trend’s changing day by day makes the designer to learn anyhow.

Web Designer needs inspiration, knowledge and both comes from a thing called ‘Expert’s idea’. You have many means like videos, magazines, podcast, talk shows and many other to communicate the experts and learn from them to become a better Web Designer. The most important mean is the eBooks source which is creating a immense change in the literary world converting physical to digital literature.. You may find the complete library on internet rather than your university or college library.

Please look into some amazing Web Design eBooks available for starters and experts to how to web design in a better way and great expert’s Web Design Tips


1. Getting Real – Simplest web design ebook

Getting Real Ebook
Getting Real

 Getting Real by 37 Signals is a must read to develop web applications like a website/blog. It gives you the idea about from pre-design attitude to coding and coding to finalization. This web design ebook has a no-boring altitude and using an engaging language to understand and implement rather than just reading and enjoying it. The best thing is that it is now available in free pdf version.


2. Taking Your Talent To The Web

Taking your talent to the web ebook

Taking your talent to the web

One of the most important ‘how-to’ web design ebook I ever looked. The ebook is based upon different design concepts and ideas explaining design terms and a know how about professional web design techniques. The ebook is basically designed for professional web design audience but is more than informative for beginners too.


3. The Elements Of Typographic Style web design ebook

The elements of typographic style

The elements of typographic style (

To learn and understand typography, there is no better web design ebook than Robert Bringhurst’s typography ebook. Robert explains the history, concept, art and theoretical explanation of typography. This version of ‘The elements of the typographic style’ is totally updated covering some important updated titles and sections. I recommend it twice as it is updated according to changing trends and new typography concepts.

4. Web Designer’s Success Guide web design ebook

web designer's success guide ebook

web designer’s success guide (

This web design ebook presents the step by step instructions for setting up your own web design business covering the topics of freelacing, introduction to new business, web design tips and techniques to grow your business, Pricing the services appropriately and other general tips to find clients and structuring your total business with ease!

5. Just Ask web design ebook

Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design

Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design (

First read this: Web Accessibility

A great web design ebook explaining the techniques and how to about web accessibility. Turn your web design into a whole for disable persons too. Increasing usability by organizing and designing with absolute Web Accessibility. Shawn has really put an effort to discuss and share web design tips on user interaction, accessibility solutions and improving design for greater and desired outcome.

6. Designing For The Web


Designing for the web

Mark Boulton’s best ever web design ebook explains the graphic design principles and its implementation in designing mockup and website development. It covers some basic topics of typography, grids, colors and many other things… Its not a complete guide but to revise your duties, its one of the best web design ebook ever written.

7. Scalable and Modular Architecture of CSS web design ebook

Scalable and Modular Architecture of CSS ebook

Scalable and Modular Architecture of CSS

SMACSS is one of the proud productions of Jonathan Snook ( A web developer of 19’s). He has some exceptional written style guides on CSS helping beginners to flourish html with css and managing css with ease. Every developer must use the concepts explained by Jonathan to produce what every html cries for years or for decades.


8. Design Your Imagination web design ebook

Design Your Imagination ebook

Design Your Imagination

A total web design ebook consists of wide variety of topics for beginners who wants their website to be exceptionally designed, getting traffic, managing website, use of graphics, content making and marketing of those designs. I would recommend beginners to read before designing a website for yourself or for clients.

9. Learning Web Design ebook

Learning Web Design ebook

Learning Web Design

 An extreme guide to Web Design covering the topics from designing from scratch compiling designing, development, graphics, usability, uploading of website and every single topic which is related to web design in anyway. O’Reilly media has some great contribution in designing this ebook having a great and exceptional response from readers and contributors.

10. Time Management For Creative People web design ebook

Time Management For Creative People ebook

Time Management For Creative People

 This web design ebook is sprecially designed for busy creatives around the world and having multi-talents (lolx). This ebook discusses the time management tips to manage the daily routine work. This ebook is subjected to web designer’s focal point and provide some great tips on how to focus creativity with other work with a handsome pace practically.

11. HTML5 Learning Guide web design ebook

HTML5 Learning Guide ebook

HTML5 Learning Guide

 If you are the typical beginner in web development field and wan’t to learn html5 with rapid pace then this web design ebook is the best fit for you. It covers all the basics of html5 development helping you understand and implement syntax into your coding parsing software!

12. The Woork Handbook web design ebook

The Woork Handbook ebook

The Woork Handbook

 An ebook summarizing ‘Woork’ articles on web designing, web development, creativity, Mootools, Scriptaculous, Ajax.

13. How To Be Creative web design ebook

How To Be Creative ebook

How To Be Creative

 The popular ‘Hugh Macleod’ has explained some great tips on how to use creativity in business world. The tips comprises on how to based and using graphics to engage in viewers. He has used his same technique in his ebook too. A must read for advertising and marketing geeks!

14. Web Design and Mobile Trends web design ebook

Web Design and Mobile Trends ebook

Web Design and Mobile Trends

 Now not to google for inspirational interviews. This ebook provides you with some popular interviews with popular people in IT industry discussing the ideas and future concepts and trends about Web Design and Web Design in mobile and hand-held devices.

15. Web Style Guide web design ebook

Web Style Guide ebook

Web Style Guide

 A fundamental Web Design ebook published by ‘Yale University’. It covers the principles of web design and surrounds its discussion around the needs of Web Designers in different agencies and institutions. It also tells the elements of great Web Design and how it plays an important role in exceptional website design.

16. 50 Ways to Please Your Customer web design ebook

50 Ways to Please Your Customer ebook

50 Ways to Please Your Customer

A hot shot web design ebook providing info about ‘Responsive Web design’. It also comprises some awesome responsive web design tips on how to deal with multi-screen gadgets and how to control the appearance and empower the usability of a website.


Love these web design tips? Please share your ideas, concerns and queries about the subject! I would love to hear from you!

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50 Body Fonts for your website – Best of Best OR

Learn Programming easily with these 11 resources – For Noobs and Pros!

50 Body Fonts for your website – Best of Best



Typography plays the major role when it comes to design and attracting visitors to your website and content. One of the important aspect of a website  or a blog is its body text and which should be clean and clear (easy to read). I have collected a data of the most attractive and suitable for Web body fonts only. You might try them for headlines too but it depends upon that if its working for you or not.

Note: Download them by clicking on the link!


1. Open Sans Body Font

Open Sans

2. PlayFair Display Body Font

Playfair display font

3. Alegreya Body Font

Alegreya Font

4. Apercu Body Font

Apercu Font

5. Gabriola Body Font

Gabriola Font

6. Della respira Body Font

Della Respira Font

7. Brandon Grotesque Body Font

Brandon Grotesque font

8. Karla Body Font

Karla Font

9. Montserrat

Montserrat font

10. Neuton

Neuton font

11. Bitter

Bitter font

12. Cabin

Cabin Font

13. Futura

Futura Font

14. Junge Body Font

Junge Font

15. Droid Sans

Droid Sans Body Font

16. Lora

Lora Body Font

17. Avenir

Avenir font

18. Esteban

esteban font

19. Droid Serif Body Font

Droid serif

20. Libre Baskerville

libre baskerville font

21. Inconsolata

Inconsolata font

22. Dubiel

Dubiel font

23. Lato

Lato font

24. Roboto

Roboto font

25. Quicksand

Quicksand font

26. Magra

Magra font

27. Gotham

Gotham font


28. Abel

Abel Font


29. MerriWeather

Merriweather Font


30. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova Font


31. Tuffy

Tuffy Font


32. Nobile

Nobile Font


33. Colaborate

Colaborate Font


34. Noticia

Noticia Font


35. Ruluko

Ruluko Font


36. Oswald

Oswald Font


37. Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans Font


38. OverLock

Overlock font


39. Amatic SC

Amatic Font


40. PT Sans

PT sans Font


41. Autour One

Autour Font


42. Ubuntu

Ubuntu Font


43. Gravitas One

Gravitas One Font


44. Vollkorn

Vollkorn Font


45. Londrina

Londrina Font


46. Gorditas

Gorditas Font


46. Adobe Garamond Pro

Adobr Garamond Pro Font


47. Bodoni

Bodoni Font


48. Calibri

Calibri Font


49. Century

Century Font


50. Chaparral

Chaparral Font