Designing responsive websites with webflow

(10+) Best Responsive Web Design Tutorials Ever Created

RWD aka Responsive Web Design isn’t a creation of Ethan Marcotte.. Perhaps he is a great thinker who enlightened the minds of other developers. Starting with what, why and how RWD developed, it would be great if you first tour an […]

30 Top Rated Landing Pages 2015

Best HTML Landing Page Templates 2015

Business startups more often forgot to generate sales in a smarter way, yes the way to channel your product as an advertisement on your own business website. More often called as a “Landing page“ or “Squeeze page“.   As Search engine […]

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Adobe Keyboard Shortcut Visualizer: Ps, Ai & In Shortcuts Now Easier

Adobe Keyboard Shortcut Visualizer Makes Viewing Hundreds of Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator Easier Than Ever   If you’ve ever taken a look at the official Adobe keyboard shortcut documentation for Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, then you’ll know […]

Windows 10 UI UX Design Trends


As the windows 10 has been launched throughout the globe and the most importantly, according to Microsoft 14 million people are currently updated to Windows 7 trial. Since the Windows 10 has launched, people from different principles have started researching […]

Top 10 Website Testing and Page Loading Tools of 2015

Top 10 Website Speed Testing and Optimization Tools of 2015

There are tens of factors through which Google decides the ranking of a website on Google search engine. One of the most important SEO factors or the most highly competent factor to rank higher on Google search engine is the website’s […]

Android Material Design UI Kits

Free Android Material UI Design Templates

Its freebie time! but let’s first get gear up first by a quick refresher on the user-interface (UI) and its revolution. UI design was first brought into consideration when the electronic companies started experimenting with digital scaling. Time to time, […]